Project 'Ideal Society'

De klassen social studies, 4thavo en 5tvwo, hebben afgelopen periode hard gewerkt aan het project 'Ideal Society'. Dit gaf verrassende uitkomsten en leverde prachtig materiaal op. De hoofdvraag was: 'What type of society would we want to live in?' Daarbij werd niet alleen een ideaalbeeld geschetst, maar ook gezocht naar oplossingen en of er bijvoorbeeld betere manieren zijn om politici te organiseren dan via een parlementaire democratie.

Introduction H4F
'We are H4F from Het Stedelijk College Eindhoven, a school in the Netherlands. We are a group of students from 15 to 18 years old. We are all very different and we all have a different background. For the subject Social Studies we had the task to think about the ideal society. After we thought about this, we were asked to create something to make the society better and to give a message to everyone. We were divided into three different groups: the researchers, the visionaries and the creaters. The researchers had the task to interview people about their ideal world and ideal society. The visionaries had the task to write stories about the information from the interviews and the information from other people. The stories would give a view on the society as it is nowadays and how we can change this. The creators had the task to bring everything together and to make a final product out if the information they got. They chose to make an impact movie and to make a website.'

Take a look at the website and video's:

Locatie Henegouwenlaan

Henegouwenlaan 2
5628 WK  Eindhoven
telefoon: 040-264 57 77